The Missing Key to Winning with Your Marketing (And Leaving Your Competitors in the Dust)

As a Growth Strategist helping companies implement effective marketing strategies, I frequently have my mind blown and heart broken when I hear about how much money business leaders have flushed down the drain on previous marketing efforts. 

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As a Growth Strategist helping companies implement effective marketing strategies, I frequently have my mind blown and heart broken when I hear about how much money business leaders have flushed down the drain on previous marketing efforts. 

Just mention the word ‘marketing’, and you’ll see a shiver run down a business owner’s spine. In a split second, they relive the PTSD of the ROI that never was and the bold promises of a marketer who simply couldn’t deliver.  

Here at 8Bend Marketing, we pride ourselves on being a place where businesses MAKE MONEY versus one where business owners LOSE MONEY. Let this article serve as a guide to help you make a more informed, educated decision on how to effectively win with your marketing.

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The Marketing Secret You Need to Know 

When it comes to turning your brand into the clear choice in the minds of your customers, clarity is king!  

In a world where you can’t take two steps without advertising smacking you between the eyes, customers are becoming more and more confused with who to choose as their preferred brands.

Not long ago, it was easier to make purchasing decisions because options were limited. For example: if you needed a new kitchen appliance, you went to a SEARS catalog. Looking for a camera to capture memories for your upcoming vacation? You got a Kodak. Needed to entertain the kids with a family-friendly movie? You went to Blockbuster Video.

Gone are the days where the only logical option to fly was Pan Am and your office printer was, of course, a Xerox.   

Now, industries are flooded with competitors left and right. Companies are fighting tooth and nail for market share. This increased pressure to stand out has companies willing to sell their souls and use every gimmick in the book to capture customer attention.  

These desperate marketing tactics are to blame for this confusion, which results in what marketers refer to as ‘noise’.  

[Noise refers to any marketing efforts or information that distracts from a brand’s overall message.]  

Today, we’re left with a few select brands that have broken away from the pack (Apple, Amazon) while the remaining ones fight for the market’s scraps.

Why is this?  

Why do some companies secure space in our minds as the ‘go-to’ brands while others fall by the wayside? And, more importantly, what can YOU do to break away from the noisemakers playing in the marketing kiddy pool? 

Three words: CLARITY IS KING. 

And the greatest way to win customers with CLEAR marketing is to first start by solidifying your brand’s messaging. 

The Power of Clarity 

Donald Miller, Author of the best-seller ‘Building A Story Brand’, says, “The brand that communicates the clearest is going to win. If you confuse, you’ll lose. We can’t afford to confuse people. If we clarify our message, customers will listen.”  

However, for most companies, this is easier said than done. For this reason, our company, 8Bend Marketing, has trained and certified every single employee on Donald Miller’s unique StoryBrand framework.  

Before any member of our team ever touches a company’s marketing, our President, Josh Davis, takes the business’ leaders through a comprehensive Marketing Strategy Session designed to transform and simplify their Brand Message. 

Once the company has its new brand message, the leaders are amazed by how effective their marketing becomes. Now, customers are no longer confused by the words and images this business uses to market themselves.

Electrify Your Marketing in Two Simple Steps

  1. Purchase Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand. Through practical and applicable exercises, this book is singularly responsible for increasing the sales and customer engagement of thousands of brands — many you know of. 
  1. Book a Risk-Free Discovery Call with our President, Josh Davis. Let Josh help you determine how much work is needed to transform your brand’s message and open your eyes to what’s possible when professionals handle your marketing. 

Before You Go 

Your customer’s perception of your brand is everything.  

Ultimately, it will dictate whether they buy from you, or run as fast as possible to one of your competitors. Your Brand Messaging is what gives your customers that perception, and sets the foundation for your sales, your marketing, and all business communication in general.  
By transforming your brand’s messaging, you have the chance to elevate your company above the noise while also saving precious time, money, and effort. 

Most of your competitors will overlook this. Will you? Or will you be the one communicating with clarity and winning your customer’s business? 

Overwhelmed trying to market your business?  

We understand you’re busy juggling the many parts of running a business. Our team of seasoned and Certified StoryBrand Marketing Experts are here to help. 

Book a call with our President, Josh Davis, and discover how to win more clients with less effort. 

Josh Davis is the co-founder and President of 8Bend Marketing. Josh is a skilled marketing strategist, copywriter, and StoryBrand messaging expert who is passionate about helping customers clarify their messaging and stop losing deals they should be winning. 

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