Website Project Management for an In-House Team 

You’re an in-house marketing team and it’s time to redesign your company’s website. You’ve already got daily tasks to keep up with, plus prep for seasonal activities, and now you’ve got a website, too? That’s a lot.  

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You’re an in-house marketing team and it’s time to redesign your company’s website. You’ve already got daily tasks to keep up with, plus prep for seasonal activities, and now you’ve got a website, too? That’s a lot.  When it comes to website project management for an in-house team, it can be difficult to navigate all the steps and make sure you’re covering all your bases.

This article will help you break your website project into achievable parts. Don’t think of your website project as one giant task, think of it as several mini tasks. 

Know the Scope by Making a List 

Some people can cook a gourmet dinner with what’s in the pantry. I’m not one of those people. I need to buy the ingredients for one recipe at a time. Think of your website as a dinner. What groceries (aka, assets) do you already have, and which do you need? For example:  

  • Customer testimonials 
  • Employee bios and headshots 
  • Login credentials for the domain, host provider, and Google accounts.  

Start the website project by “buying all the groceries” you need. It’ll give you momentum to get started, and it’ll keep things moving when the project is underway.  

Develop one Section at a Time to avoid getting overwhelmed

You know how there’s a navigation menu at the top of most websites? Use that as your guide for building the site. Develop one section at a time:  

  • The homepage 
  • Product/services 
  • About the company 
  • Contact us 

Here’s why this works so well: You dive deep into one topic at a time, letting you focus on the content while managing your daily responsibilities, too. Instead of thinking about the site as a large (and daunting) entity, you’re dedicating your attention to only one section at a time, making it more manageable and less stressful 

Do all the work for one navigation section before starting on another; write, build, and source images/videos. This gives you a sense of accomplishment during the long process of building the whole site.  

Feel in Control by Proofing as You Go 

You may have proofed the website when it was a word document, but things change once they’re in the design. The word “happy” gets changed to “glad.” There are three bullets in column A and four bullets in column B, so you write an eighth for balance.  

As you develop each section of the website, also proof it.  

  • Read every word and check for typos 
  • Look for formatting consistencies like when you use commas and capital letters 
  • Check photos closely on both desktop AND mobile. Does someone’s head get (unintentionally) cut off on one platform or the other? 

By proofing as you go, you have more control over the project. You know what’s already been done and know what it’ll take to finish.  

At the very end, ask someone who hasn’t worked on the project to proof the entire site. Every page, every word, every link. And don’t feel flawed when they find something that you missed. Instead, see it as a gift that they found it before you went live! 

8Bend Marketing Offers Professional Copywriting and Web Design Services 

Building a website is a major project for an in-house marketing team. Whether you’re developing the site on your own or working with vendors, there are a lot of elements to track. Using the approaches outlined in this post will make it achievable and help you get it under control.  

8Bend Marketing is a StoryBrand Certified Agency. Our team of experts write content based on the StoryBrand Framework, from social media posts to website copy. As your guide, we can help you create a website that is easy to use and designed with user experience in mind. 

Schedule a discovery call with one of our experts today!

Paul Dzik is 8Bend Marketing’s Campaign Manager. A critical thinker and problem solver, Paula oversees the 8Bend Marketing team’s projects to ensure they are done in a timely manner and helps keep the day-to-day of the agency running smoothly. 

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