Live StoryBrand Workshop
with Donald Miller,
Hosted by 8Bend Marketing

Create a clear brand message and 5-part sales funnel plan for your business at the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream

February 22-23, 2022

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern

Clarify your message

Get expert coaching

Grow your business

Join our Virtual Coaching Group or Attend our VIP Event

Attend the StoryBrand Livestream Virtually - $995

(You will be directed to the StoryBrand website to complete your purchase)

Attend the VIP Event Hosted by 8Bend Marketing - $1,995

(You will be directed to Eventbrite to complete your purchase)

Your Marketing Should Invite Customers Into a Relationship with Youand It Should Work

A StoryBrand Marketing Workshop is just what you need!

Creating marketing can feel overwhelming, but businesses that clarify their message and build a sales funnel are the ones that thrive in the marketplace. At the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop Livestream, you’ll get a clear message that connects with customers.

A clear message allows you to create…

Not only that, but you will get…

Clarify your message and create a
5-part sales funnel plan

Step One:


Step Two:

Clarify Your Brand Message

Step Three:

Sell While You Sleep

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